Introduction to Leo 0.5

Sometimes you want to follow high volume publications like The Verge, NY Times, or VentureBeat because you trust them, but you are only interested in narrower topics, trends, or mentions.

Reducing noise and information overload is a problem we care passionately about. We have been working over the last 12 months on a new feature called Leo. You can think of Leo as your non-black-box research assistant – an easy-to-control AI tool which helps you reduce noise in your feeds and never miss important articles.

Here is a quick overview of the Leo 0.5 Beta feature set.

New Priority Tab

If you are part of the Leo 0.5 Beta Program, each of your feeds has now 2 tabs.

The All Tab includes all the articles published by the sources you follow.

The new Priority Tab includes the subset of articles flagged by Leo as important – based on the priorities you defined for your Leo.

Three Core Prioritization Skills: Mentions, Topics, and Like Board

Leo 0.5 ships with three core skills: mentions, topics, and like-board. Each of these skills allow you to prioritize articles differently.

Leo 0.5 ships with three core prioritization skills

The mentions skill allows you to prioritize articles based on mentions of people, company or keywords which are important to you.

Ask Leo to prioritize articles mentioning JP Morgan

For example, you can ask Leo to prioritize all the articles that mention “JP Morgan”

The topic skill allow you to prioritize articles which are about a specific topic you are interested in.

Ask Leo to prioritize articles about quantum computing

For example, you can ask Leo to analyze your tech feed and prioritize articles which are about artificial intelligence, quantum computing, or gaming.

Leo ships with one thousand pre-trained topics. If the topic you are interested in is part of that list, the topic skill is a powerful tool to let you focus your feed on what really matters to you.

Sometimes, the topic you are interested in a very niche. This is where the Like Board skill is very useful and powerful.

Prioritize articles similar to the ones saved in your Smart Venue board

For example, if you are in the Sports industry, you might be interested in the emerging Smart Venue trend. Leo does not know out of the box about Smart Venue but if you can create a board and save 30-50 articles about Smart Venue, you can use the Like Board skill to teach your Leo a new personalized topic and ask Leo to prioritize future articles which are similar to the ones you save in that board.

Once you have defined the priorities of your Leo, he will continuously read your feed and flag articles which are aligned with those priorities.

The Like Board is particularly powerful because the more articles you save to that board, the more accurate Leo’s recommendation will become.

Finally, you can easily define more sophisticated priorities by combining multiple skills/layers.

Combine multiple layers

Feedback Loop Via Less Like This

When Leo makes a back prioritization, you have the control to provide him feedback via the Less Like This button.

Provide Leo feedback via Less Like This

There are 5 different classes of feedback you can offer to your Leo:

  1. The “Not About” feedback allows you to teach Leo that it matched the wrong keyword or topic. For example, you were interested in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and Leo detected ICO (Internet Commissioner Office).
  2. The “duplicated article” feedback allow you to flag articles which are on topic but you have already read about via a different source
  3. The “I’m not interested in” feedback allow you to flag class of articles you are not interested about. For example, you might not be interested in market research type articles. If you can flag 10-20 articles as I am not interested in market research, Leo is going to learn and start prioritizing fewer market research articles.
  4. Sometimes (specially for keyword alerts), you might get articles from sources you do not care about. The ‘mute domain’ feedback allows you to train your Leo to mute articles from those domains.
  5. Finally, sometimes, the reason is more complex. The ‘Something else’ feedback offers you an easy way out.


We also heard from a lot of users that duplicate articles are a big source of noise and echo in their feeds. If you are tired of seeing the same article or press release being pushed across multiple sources, Leo 0.5 near exact deduplication is here to help.

A sign at the bottom right shows the count of duplicates which are automatically removed

Leo continuously monitors your feeds and when he detects duplicates, it automatically clean up your feeds so that you only get one copy of the article or press release.

This is particularly useful if you follow a lot of Google Keyword Alerts or if you follow source that cross post content.

Control and Transparency

A very important aspect of the Leo promise is that it is a fun, non-black-box AI you fully control and can easily collaborate with.

Transparency via clear explanations

Transparent because each time Leo makes a prioritization, he will explain why the article was prioritized and give you the opportunity to refine that prioritization.

Full control

Control because you explicitly define all the priorities of your Leo and you can at anytime go in the Train Leo section and remove or refine a priority. No black box. No lag.

Goodbye Information Overload

Leo 0.1 Alpha customers saw 40-70% noise reduction on their feeds. More targeted feeds mean that you can save time while reducing the risk of missing important articles, or being the last to know about an important risk or market opportunity.

We look forward to seeing how your will be training your Leo!

-Edwin, Remi, and Victoria

Premium Fonts

Feedly Labs has been a really interesting experience for us because it has helped us get a deeper understanding of who the Feedly community is and how we can better serve you going forward.

One of the insights we learned last fall is that the community seems to care deeply about typography.

Conversation with the Lab community about fonts. ITC Charter vs Merriweather

Based on that insight, we funded a project focused on giving you more control over fonts and font size through a close partnership with Monotype (one of the best foundries in the world).

Feedly and Monotype

Today, we are excited to announce the fruits of that project – which will be available on the Web today and on Mobile, next week.

ITC Charter
Mundo Sans and larger font size

Open Dyslexic Experiment

Dyslexia is also very close to our heart. People with dyslexia have normal intelligence and vision but might have difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding).

Open Dyslexic

Some fonts have been emerging which are designed around the common symptoms of dyslexia. We decided as part of the premium fonts project to add support for Open Dyslexic and see if switching to that font can help with the decoding or not. If you are suffering from Dyslexia and want to provide us feedback on how we could help make Feedly better, please join the Feedly Lab.

Google Noto and support for more languages

Last but not least, we are have added support for the Google Noto, which is a beautiful font which works well across lots of languages.

Google Noto

If you are consuming lots of international content and need a font preference that works across lots of languages, it might be a very good choice.

Pick what feels the most comfortable

On mobile, you can use the Aa menu which is available in the article viewer to change your font settings (and theme). On the web, you can go to your account settings > appearance.

Some fonts are free and they are available in the free Feedly Basic Plan. Some fonts are premium and they are part of the Feedly Pro and Feedly Team plans.

We love that the idea for this feature emerged from the Feedly Lab. If you love the Web and love reading and what to provide feedback and share ideas with the team, please join the Feedly Lab.

Happy reading!

-The Feedly Team

Deduplication Skill – Leo

It is frustrating to be skimming through your feeds and run into duplicate articles.

This happens for example when you have overlapping keyword alerts where two different keywords exist in the same article. It also happens when some sources publish the same articles into different RSS feeds. Finally, it happens a lot when a company issues a press release and other sources publish that press release with some minor changes.

Giving you the tools and control to tune your feeds is something we care passionately about. Today, we are excited to announce the beta release of a new Leo skill called Deduplication.

What is Deduplication?

This skill helps Leo detect that multiple articles are near exact duplicates of each other and cut that noise from your feeds. On the Web version of Feedly, you will see a small notification at the bottom right of your screen each time Leo removes duplicate from your feeds.

Which language does Deduplication work on?

The Leo deduplication skill works across all languages?

Which Feedly Plan does this skill require?

Because processing duplicates at scale is expensive, this skill will be initially rolled out as part of the Feedly Teams plan.

If you are part of Feedly Teams, there is a preference knob in the Leo settings page to disable this skill.

Beyond near exact duplicates

The deduplication skill is focusing on near exact duplicates. These are articles which have 85% or more overlap. We are working on a different skill called Business Events for articles which are reporting on the same event but with different content. In the case of business events, the content will be grouped instead of being removed.

Thank you!

We want to thank you Aymeric Bernard and Iheb Benabdallah for doing the preliminary ML research behind this Leo skill!

The Next Generation Feedly Mobile Has Arrived

Six months ago, we launched the Feedly Lab and invited 4,000 Feedly users to participate in the design and testing of the next generation of the Feedly mobile application. Today, we are excited to launch the result of that work. You can download the new app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Here is a quick tour of the new design.

Faster and more intuitive design

We love the Web because it is an open and distributed network that offers everyone the freedom and control to publish and follow what matters to them. The essence of this new design is to give you even more control over the information you follow and consume in your Feedly and make that experience more productive.

Both on iOS and Android, we adopted more modern UI practices that make the experience feel lighter and easier to read. We also added more layout and density options so that user can pick the reading experience that best fits their preferences.

Powerful mark as read and save gestures

We learned from the Lab that marking as read and saving for later are key parts of our users’ workflows so we added some gestures to make those actions easier and faster to perform.

You can swipe left or right to trigger mark as read and save actions. You can long press to trigger a contextual menu which offers you even more actions and shortcuts.

In the global settings, you will also find an option to automatically mark stories as read as you scroll through your feeds.

Night Mode

Some of you really love to read Feedly at night, or you prefer to read in night mode all day. In the new Feedly app, we polished Night Mode so that you can easily read in low-light environments.

New AI-driven discovery experience

We also love the web, because it has enabled a new generation of content creators like Ben Thompson, Bruce Schneier, Tina Eisenberg, Seth Godin, and Maria Popova. These independent thinkers continuously explore the edge of the known and share insightful and inspiring ideas with their communities.

Connecting people to the best sources for the topics that matter to them has been core to our mission since the very start of Feedly, but discovery is a hard problem. The web is organic, a reflection of the global community’s changing needs and priorities. There are millions of sources across thousands of topics, and we all have a different appetite when it comes to feeding our minds.

As part of this next generation Feedly mobile app, we are launching a new AI-driven discovery experience which puts the top 50 most interesting sources across 2,000 topics at your fingertips.

Power Search

Power Search allows you to quickly find specific articles in your Feedly. This powerful search is one of the most-cited reasons for upgrading to Feedly Pro in user surveys. We are excited to bring Power Search to mobile.

Notes and highlights

The new notes and highlights tools make it easy to annotate articles with your insights, save them for reference, or share them with your colleagues, friends, and followers.

Feedly Teams

Feedly Teams allows you to make your industry research, competitive watch, and content curation a more fun and collaborative experience. With the new Feedly mobile app, you can now access all your team feeds, team boards, newsletters, and shared annotations on your phone and tablet.

There are more than 7,000 teams relying on Feedly for their research and curation. We hope that the new mobile offering will inspire more users to take advantage of the free Feedly Team 30-day trial.

New Pocket integration

If you are a Pocket user, you can connect Feedly to Pocket and replace Read Later with Pocket across the user experience.

New Codebase

We have entirely re-implemented the application on a new technology stack.  With a new, modern foundation in place, we are able to iterate faster. For those who are curious, the new app is built using Streets microservices, React for the UI components, and some native extensions when needed.

Built collaboratively with 4,000 Feedly users

We really enjoyed building the new Feedly in close collaboration with 4,000 Feedly users who volunteered time, expertise, and energy. Your ideas, feedback, and bug reports were critical to the success of the redesign. You’ve helped make Feedly better for everyone.

We are going to double down on this more collaborative and transparent dev process. You can join the Dev Team and Lab community on Slack and you can view the roadmap and upvote features on Trello.

Finally, if for some reason you prefer the old design, you can look for “Feedly Classic” in the App Store or Google Play.

Happy reading!

Edwin, Petr, and Emily

Leo Research – Voice / Listen to your Feedly

A few users who are participating in the Leo lab/beta suggested that we should allow you to listen to our articles. As a result, we are running an experiment to determine if there would be value in allowing Leo to read you some of your articles.

Questions to the community:

Question 1 – Would you be interested in listening to your Feedly article? If we offered that feature would you use it?

Question 2 – If this is a feature you would be interested in, which of the following voices do you think would be more fun to listen to? (Please vote in the general Lab Slack channel)







This is the article Leo is reading in the attached audio files

Dynamic Yield, which builds Amazon-like personalization for the rest of us, raises $38M

TechCrunch by Ingrid Lunden

Amazon, one of the world’s largest companies, has transformed the face of commerce in part because it has managed at once to be “The Everything Store” but still with a route into its sea of products that, for most users, surfaces what they might most want to see (and importantly buy or consume). That kind of personalisation has become a goal not just for e-commerce companies, but for any organization running a digital business: users are constantly distracted, and when their attention is caught, they do not want to spend time figuring out what they most want.

Not every business is Amazon, though, so we are seeing a crop of startups emerging that are working on ways to help the rest of the digital world be just as optimised and personalised as Amazon. Now one of them, an Israeli startup called Dynamic Yield, has raised more money as it continues to expand its business, both to more platforms and to more geographies.

The startup’s Series D has now closed off at $38 million, with the inclusion of a $5 million strategic investment from Naver, Korea’s “Google” (it’s the country’s top search portal) that is also behind messaging apps Line and Snow. The plan is for Naver to help bring Dynamic Yield to Korea and Japan, by incorporating its tech into its own services and those of others that work with Naver.


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